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Firmamız 1994 yılında  Altınoluk'ta faaliyetlerine başlamış olup siz değerli müşterilerimize  en iyi hizmeti en hızlı bir şekilde sunmak için deneyimli kadrosu ile var gücüyle çalışmaktadır. Altın sektörünün önemli firmaları ile işbirliğini geliştirmekte olup yurt dışına altın ithalatına başlamak için yurtdışındaki değerli firmalarla görüşme halindedir.


The foundations of Erkut Jewellery were laid in 1994 as a boutique ateleir. Since then, Erkut has climbed the steps of success thanks to series of very  successful jewellery collections. High quality precision craftmanship led to Erkut Jewellery rise , culminating in establishing a corporate identity in  1999 with the objective of introducing the brand to a broader client base. Consistent with this vision, our company started focusing on export activities in 2005. Today we export our products to dozens of countries in four continents.

At Erkut Jewellery , we are capable of manufacturing from 8 to 22 carats. As a producer that regularly releases new collections and keeps a high degree of customer satisfaction we have become an example in the sector we work in. At Erkut, we think of tomorrow rather than just focus on the present and this is our drive to reach new generations with the same approach.

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